DHP Paris Futon with Independently Encased Coils Review

A bright and bold fashion statement paired with comfort and function –that is the DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils. It gives your home that instant Parisian spring that can make a bold statement in your living space and at the same time provide the most comfort and coziness that you can possibly get from a futon of this value.


  • Linen upholstery with button tufts
  • Split back for multiple positions
  • Foam and polyester filling
  • Seat is made with independently encased coils to promote equal weight distribution
  • Durable wooden frame


The DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils is your classy modern Parisian furnishing that is linen upholstered giving it a more textured finish compared to its leather or pleather counterparts.

If you are more the type who likes your furniture with fabric upholstery, this futon is just the right reclining or bed space for you. Its bold Coral colour is further accentuated with stylish tufting giving it a charm like no other.

It is also available in other bold statement colors such as deep grey or dramatic navy. The DHP Paris Futon can double up as not just your home futon but also as your statement furniture piece since it is such an eye-catching number, especially in a minimalist home.

Otherwise, it can serve as a great complement to any other type of home interior whether you are into serious interior design or are just looking to place something edgy and bold in your living space.

So that you can reposition it into various reclines, the DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils is built with split-back construction that allows you to adjust the level of recline depending on your preference. Works just like a car’s front seats, you can easily tilt it back for a more relaxed position or tilt it all the way back so you can catch some z’s after a long day at work.

It is filled with a combination of foam and polyester, ensuring firm consistency that is neither too hard nor too squishy. The DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils is just perfect to get a good night’s rest with proper spinal alignment.

What is special about the DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils is that its seat is made with independently encased coils, which increases the level of comfort for its users since the individually encased coils function separately, depending on which parts you lean onto thus providing equal weight distribution.

To support its excellent mattress features and for you to prop it up into a sofa position the DHP Paris Futon with independently encased coils comes with a sturdy wood frame that is built to last and withstand standard weight with average use.


A small number of users were irked that the DHP Paris Futon’s fabric upholstery easily ripped at the seams. It ripped so easily that the rip usually gets larger over time and every time the user tries to sit or lie in it.

This was a disappointment since the DHP Paris Futon’s fabric upholstery has such nice bold statement colors that are lovely to feature in any home. The easy rip makes this a grave impossibility and forces them to cover up the wonderful colours of the fabric.

Another user was also annoyed at how they could hear the coils creak every time they moved, sat, or lay on the DHP Paris Futon. This creates an unnecessary distraction for someone who is trying to get some rest and quiet time, more so for someone who is trying to get a full night’s sleep. For many, getting a night full of distraction interrupts the sleep cycle and produces poor quality of sleep and causes daytime fatigue.


Other than a few complaints, previous users and buyers of the DHP Paris Futon are simply enthralled by it. The cleverly chic and stylish design, the bold bright colours, the smooth fabric, and the level of comfort and balance that it provides to grant you full support and spinal alignment are all wonderful attributes that satisfied customers have been raving about with the DHP Paris Futon.

It would be a great addition to your living room, or to your entertainment room, or wherever you would like to place it. Your friends who come over will surely notice the DHP Paris Futon and might even want one for their own home. It is a classic example of the great balance between stylish, comfortable, functional, and practical.

Getting your own DHP Paris Futon may just be the best home furnishing decision you make.