DHP Aria Futon Review

Something about the tufts in the DHP Aria Futon makes it a classic looking piece of furniture that can go either Victorian or chic, depending on your style preference. If you are not so much on stiff lines and sharp edges when it comes to interior furnishing, the DHP Aria Futon is the perfect choice that combines classic design with modern construction.


  • Tufted faux leather covering
  • Durable wooden frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Easily converted to different positions
  • DHP quality assured


The tufted faux leather exterior is the DHP Aria Futon’s most distinguishing feature that sets it aside from plain upholstered sofas or futons. These small but significant features add a certain depth and visual texture to the DHP Aria Futon, making it a statement piece, instead of just blending in with the interiors, especially if you are doing white on white interior furnishing.

On the contrary, the DHP Aria Futon in white can be a bold white statement to a colored room just as well, or a great balancing element in case you think your space’s colors have become too overwhelming.


It comes with a classic wooden frame that is not only chic and fashionable but also very sturdy and durable. If you, your family, or your friends are on the bigger and heavier side of the scale, the DHP Aria Futon will not likely give you problems despite its space-saving functionality.

The sturdy wooden frame and the foam that comes with it is very easy to assemble, so upon arriving at your doorstep, you can just prop it up immediately and be ready to use it or receive guests.

Easy Assembly

Furthermore, not only is the DHP Aria Futon easy to assemble but it is also easy to clean. Despite its tufting, the DHP Aria Futon is easy to clean because of its faux leather upholstery that is resistant to most stains and moisture damage.


Its stylish design matches its functionality too because the DHP Aria Futon can be easily converted into many positions, depending on your activity –whether you are sitting up, reclining, or lying down. If you do place it in a lying position, it converts into a nifty twin sleeper that is just about right for two average-sized people. Just toss in some pillows and let your sleepover commence.

The DHP Aria Futon also has the same quality as all DHP products, meaning that you can trust not only its great design and functionality but also expect to be able to use it repeatedly for a very long time.


A few previous buyers and users have had some handling issues with the DHP Aria Futon. Some have reported tears here and there with the leather, especially the edges which are usually prone to such damage and require a lot more attention and care especially when in transit. Tears, perforations, abrasions, and discoloration of varying degrees have all been noted by users.

Aside from that, one user called the DHP Aria Futon’s mattress rock hard, uncomfortable, and impossible to sleep on. He agreed that it does look pretty though and that it is impeccably easy to wipe clean. Nevertheless, this customer’s DHP Aria Futon broke down after just a few uses. Its couch back was already stuck in a lying position and will not get back up into sitting or reclining.

This unsatisfied customer shares the same sentiment with some other customers who had not had the pleasure of enjoying their DHP Aria Futon for a long time before it broke down.

Great Customer Service

If you do encounter breakdowns early on, make sure to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible so that the item can be replaced and so that you can truly experience the comfort that other DHP Aria Futon users have been raving about all this time.


Despite a few unsatisfied customers, the DHP Aria Futon still manages to garner a sterling 4 out of 5 stars in the Amazon rating. Its charming design is a great addition to any home and its multiple uses make it a homeowner’s best friend especially if they have guests coming over or are trying to save space. You can tell that it is built with comfort in mind because of its various positioning options and low maintenance.

It is a great buy for such homeowners and is such a wonderful statement piece for any living space. Your family, as well as your guests, will surely love it.